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Brett Viberg: Innovator

Born into a family of bootmakers, Brett knew at an early age that he would form the 5th generation of the Viberg family tradition. From an early age, he worked summers and after school alongside his father, mother and brother in the workshop learning the craft.

With the support of his father, Brett was able to develop and produce what would become known globally as the Stitchdown Service Boot®.

Introduced in 2008, the Stitchdown Service Boot® was a dramatic departure from what Viberg had produced for the previous 75 years.


This distinct new design that, in 2020, received USPTO Trade Dress Protection, featured a low heel and almond-shaped toe that created a 6" dress boot that retained the durability and functionality of the sturdiest work boots.

With his passion for shoemaking and innovation, Brett has continued to grow the Viberg brand by preserving traditional bootmaking methods while combining them with classic shapes and ultra-premium materials. This dedication has allowed the Viberg brand to remain best-in-class and keeps the company moving forward, innovating each year.