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Derby Shoes Italian Calf

With Spring fully underway here in Victoria, we are pleased to offer a pair of Derby Shoes perfect for the transitioning weather.  We sourced extremely limited quantities of two artisanal calfskins from Italy and produced the shoes with matching specifications on our anatomically fitting Cantilever Last.  Colour C Calfskin is a vegetable tanned leather in a nearly raw state that will patina rapidly.  The colour is a few shades away from Natural and allows the unique grain and texture to show through.  The Overdyed Black Calfskin is another vegetable tanned leather that was made to completion and then overdyed as a finished product with black pigment.  The result is a relatively matte black leather with grey-blue hues that will become more apparent with wear.  Purchase the Derby Shoe Colour C Calfskin here and the Derby Shoe Overdyed Black Calfskin here