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Drop One

As we begin a new year here at Viberg we have decided to do things a bit differently moving forward.  Just as we have always approached our product and manufacturing methods with a critical and demanding eye, we have tried to use that same approach in regards to our brand and content.  Late last year we gave a major overhaul with the intention of creating a more immersive and intuitive shopping experience.  We are pleased to have created a platform that matches the quality of our products and we will be slowly rolling out new features as the year goes on.  The largest change for now is a new approach to our release schedule.  Instead of the weekly releases we have maintained for the past several years, we have switched to a group Drop system that will allow us to produce more coherent products and explore themes in material, colour, seasonality and more.  This first Drop includes more than a dozen new styles which we will be exploring in depth during the coming weeks, but for now they are all available for purchase and ready to ship.