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Durability: Outsole Stitching

In our small workshop, you will find a large variety of rare machinery and an assortment of unusual construction methods that together create some of the most unique products available.

We are constantly adding new methods of shoe-making that challenge what can be manufactured in our workshop.

Each collection features a specific type of sole-stitching machine, allowing the customer to have footwear that adapts to their environment.

Over the past five years, we have implemented British High-Speed Outsole stitching machines (BHSS) for our classic Stitchdown products, resulting in a rugged yet sophisticated final product.  

We are the first brand worldwide to merge these two concepts into Stitchdown construction, creating a unique finished product. To enhance this, we have incorporated cotton thread, which, along with linen, has been traditionally used throughout footwear manufacturing.

For our Channeled Goodyear welt, we use two machines depending on the sole option: a Jupiter II and the BHSS.

Both can create a very tight stitch per inch (SPI), giving the finished product a more refined aesthetic. We are also able to create an open or closed channel on the leather sole, depending on its intended use.

The final machine is the Rapid E, which can be compared to the Union Special Chain Stitch used for denim and workwear. The Rapid E is synonymous with all heavy-duty footwear manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest. This machine serves as the workhorse for all heavy-duty work boots.