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Herald Boot Black Horsebutt

The Herald Boot is our new wholecut side zip pattern. In order to maintain proper shape of the last with a single piece upper, the leather is hand blocked onto hard wood and left to sit for 3 days before being bottomed, sanded, and finished. This release features Shinki’s Black full grain Horsebutt, which is processed and tanned very similarly to their Shell Cordovan. It contains the Shell portion of the hide, but is processed as Horsebutt due to the smaller overall size. Requiring a full 10 months to produce, including two months submerged in pits, and three to four months of natural drying, the resulting leather exhibits a distinct grain and texture. Due to the size of the pattern, this release requires double the leather of our traditional Service Boot and utilizes nearly the whole hide. The Herald Boot in Black Horsebutt is available for preorder now exclusively on