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Solid Brass Nails

One of our guiding beliefs that is reflected in everything we do is the maintenance of the old world quality. This ethos is carried out in every material we use, even the ones that aren’t visible. In today’s footwear industry, iron nails have become the standard but fall short when it comes to the quality we demand in our products. Since 1931 Viberg has been using custom made solid brass nails. These nails come at a much higher price, but when it comes to quality we will never compromise. Brass is more malleable than any alternatives and therefore lays smooth in the footbed during our lasting process. Since our boots are lasted by hand, using this softer material is a unique skill our craftsmen have had to master. The superiority of solid brass extends past when they leave our hands, as brass is non corrosive and won’t rust or rot the leather insoles as they are worn in wet weather. While this is one of the smallest components of our footwear, it is representative of the traditional techniques that set us apart as manufacturers.

We have included photos of our solid brass nails in different stages of production in our Victoria factory, along with images from Brett's most recent visit to the factory in Japan where these custom nails are made.