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Repairs: Goodyear Welted Hiker

Repairs is a series highlighting some of the most interesting and well-worn boots that come back to our factory for maintenance.  We've shot these boots in a studio setting to specifically showcase their patina and character.  This offers a glimpse into the aging process of our materials and the unique journey behind every pair of boots.

This pair of Hikers was owned by former Viberg employee Raymond who worked alongside Edwin and Glen Viberg in our Factory in the 1970s. When he eventually left the company he received these boots as a parting gift from Edwin.  After more than 40 years of wear the boots were recently brought back to us for a resole. While we have seen many well worn Hikers over the years this pair is unique in being one of the only remaining examples of our original Goodyear Welted program.  These boots were produced with the exact same Channelled Insole construction and 270 degree welt found on much of our footwear today. While we have continued to evolve our brand and offerings, our manufacturing methods have remained influenced by the very techniques Edwin Viberg was using decades ago.  When Raymond brought his boots back in for repairs he also took the opportunity to purchase a new pair of boots for his son. As a company built around the principles of family and quality, it is these generational stories that truly define us. We look forward to working on both Raymond’s and his son’s boots for many years to come.