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Service Boot Crust Horsehide

Our most recent Service Boot release comes in a very special, limited run leather from our friends at Horween that we are calling Crust Horsehide.  This full-grain leather is tanned just like regular Chromexcel before being placed into the Cordovan pits for 30 days.  During this time the leather absorbs the bark blends making it both heavier and denser.  Finally the hides are hot stuffed and then left in a natural crust state.  

The hides for this run are a new product Horween was sampling and are significantly smaller than typical horse hides, with some measuring only 4 feet from neck to tail.  Because of their small size and heavy weight we were able to incorporate cuts from both the butt and front areas of the hides, which would normally be separated and processed individually.  The result is the first whole-hide horse footwear we have ever produced.  Due to this unique material and process, these boots will exhibit a high degree of character and inconsistency in colour and texture.  To further highlight this quality we have included photos of the whole, uncut hides for reference.  This is a specialty leather in its most natural state and will not be produced again.  Purchase the Service Boot Crust Horsehide here.