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Service Boot Mocha Vintage

Vintage is a type of tannage from Horween that was developed around the idea of capturing the look and feel of well worn leather.  While there are several types of leathers that develop character and patina quickly, Vintage is unique in that it is entirely vegetable-tanned and uses a hard wax finish to achieve this distressed appearance.  We order our Vintage leather in a slightly lighter weight than many of our other Horween offerings such as Chromexcel or Waxed Flesh.  This results in a supple leather that can be used on a variety of patterns and construction methods.  While this Service Boot was originally launched nearly two years ago as a Goodyear Welt product, we have recently decided to update it with Stitchdown Construction, while maintaining the other details that have made this one of our most popular styles to date.  Purchase the Service Boot Mocha Vintage here