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Side Zips Italian Camel

When designing new styles and planning releases we are often searching for what feels like a natural pairing of material and silhouette.  Soles, lasts and hardware obviously play a big part, but ultimately that first step towards a finished product begins with the leather and the pattern.  The Side Zip has a minimal upper which appears nearly seamless.  This gives us a large canvas to showcase high-character materials that might otherwise look lost or busy on a more complicated pattern. 

Camel leather is a rarely utilized, but extremely durable footwear material with a unique grain and soft temper.  First, we have presented Camel in its completely Natural state, full of the scratches, scars and inconsistencies found on the hides of working animals.  This leather was custom made for us by the tannery at our request and has never been offered prior.  Second, we have a full-grain Black Waxed Reverse Camel.  The reverse side of the Camel leather has a short nap and the wax coating creates an uneven texture of smooth and rough areas.  Both leathers are completely vegetable-tanned by a small, artisanal producer in Italy and will age exceptionally with wear.  Purchase the Side Zips in Italian Camel here.