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Sneaker in Hyperlapse

Whether you seek a Sneaker that performs under tough conditions or carries you through your urban workday, our Sneaker in Hyperlapse has been handmade to be versatile. We have been developing our Sneaker program for over 5 years, and as we continued to expand our athletic offerings using our traditional manufacturing techniques, Hyperlapse emerged as the perfect material to push the boundaries and test our abilities.

Dyneema is a high-end composite material that offers an unparalleled strength to weight ratio. DSM Fibers, which would be later known as Dyneema, were discovered accidentally by chemist Dr. Albert Pennings when he found a thread that couldn't be pulled apart. Utilized by NASA, Dyneema found many high performance applications. By bonding this material with leather, Hyperlapse has the performance benefits of being paper-thin while still offering a textured and luxurious appearance.

Our Sneakers are crafted on a Vibram Sphike RGS Sole to guarantee cushioning and stability for any activity. The raised profile allows for performance on uneven terrain while giving a luxurious appearance in our four custom colours.