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Chelsea Snuff Calf Suede

A little over two years ago we were busy developing and sampling our first Chelsea boot.  Since then the pattern has undergone countless, subtle tweaks and the model has become one of our most popular.  During that initial development period one of the very first versions we made was in this full-grain Snuff Calf Suede from Charles F. Stead.  These British suedes are some of the highest quality in the world and are the perfect pairing for the seamless, wholecut upper of the Chelsea.  While several of our stockists immediately ordered this variation, we instead debuted the new style on in the lighter coloured Milkshake Suede, knowing that we would eventually come back to that original Snuff sample when the time was right.  We are excited to finally realize that vision and offer what we feel is the quintessential version of this boot.  Purchase the Chelsea Snuff Calf Suede here.