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Modernizing the Family Craft

Today, Glen's son Brett runs Viberg, and he continues the family tradition of durability-minded, small-batch craftsmanship.

Viberg boots continue to be made in Victoria the way they have for the last five decades. For the Viberg family, however, tradition has always been synonymous with innovation. 

They may still use Edwin's exceptional naildown construction for the brand's industrial boots (often using the exact same machines from 90 years ago), but Brett has pushed Viberg even further with the Stitchdown Service Boot® - a distinct new design that, in 2020, received USPTO Trade Dress protection. 

Stitchdown construction turns the leather outward before it is stitched to the midsole, which wicks away water from the boot. This Stitchdown design allows Viberg to make the world's first dress-boot in a classic British-style shape, with low toe and heel, that retains all the durability and functionality of the sturdiest work boots. 

Viberg boots, whether on the feet of loggers in the forests of British Columbia or worn with three-piece bespoke suits on Savile Row, remain anchored in the brand's near-century-long tradition of craftsmanship.

Viberg sells real products made by real people in a real place - something that is becoming increasingly rare in our contemporary times.