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The Tempesti Collection

We are proud to present our latest partnership with leading Italian vegetable tannery - Tempesti.

Established in 1946 - Tempesti is a Tuscany-based tannery that specializes exclusively in heavyweight vegetable tanned leathers.

Like Viberg, Tempesti has remained family-owned and operated since its inception. It is with these small, legacy tanneries that we are able to create a truly special product due to our similarities and shared focus on producing the highest quality goods possible.

By combining innovative modern technologies with traditional craftsmanship and techniques, Tempesti is able to produce extremely durable and high quality
leathers that stand the test of time.

For our first collection featuring Tempesti leathers, we have selected Elbamatt - their leading article in 3 distinct colours. Elbamatt is a heavyweight veg-tanned cowhide, made using the best European rawhides. The formula for this unique tannage has remained unchanged for nearly 75 years. It is a natural leather that has been drum-dyed and treated with a mixture of vegetable and animal oils and greases. It features an incredibly soft touch and smooth finish, and will age and patina beautifully.

We have used Elbamatt on our iconic Stitchdown Service Boot®, made in 3 make-ups. This is the first time we have offered a single leather article in 3 colours, across 3 different Lasts.

The concept for this release was to present 3 Lasts, each with a clear historical reference to a different time period across Viberg’s 92 year history.

The 2055 Last is a flat-toe Munson last inspired by boots worn in WWII.

The 2040 Last, reminiscent of a 1940s era work boot, creates a traditional silhouette with a slight toe bump, and an anatomical shape that will prevent fatigue.

The final make-up is built on our classic 2030 Canadian Parade Last, which allows for a more formal look compared to the other models in this trio. 

Shop the Limited Release Tempesti Collection here.

Tannery imagery courtesy of Tempesti.