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The Classic Collection

Classic SS23

The Classic Collection is the DNA of Viberg. Authentic to our roots, this collection is how we showcase nearly a century of shoemaking expertise in it's purest form. A timeless collection of shoes and boots, made for every day use and built to get better with time. Made by real people, for real people, in a real place - as they always have.

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The foundation of this collection is the Stitchdown Service Boot®, a modern, timeless style that defines modern workwear. The Service Boot® is offered in a variety of seasonal iterations, incorporating different leathers and details, which allow it to be worn across a wide variety of occasions.

The toe puffs, heel pads, and shanks are made using 100% veg-tanned leather, which, aside from being completely natural, create a unique and durable natural chassis that promotes longevity and conforms more closely to the shape of the foot.

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